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In this debut feature from singer/composer Maria Sadowska, her ‘feminist western’, we follow Halina, a modest cashier in a chain store dreaming of a better life for herself and her gifted 13-year-old daughter Misia. However, Halina discovers that the price for the higher salary and better standards she longs for, are dishonesty, manipulation and deceit. She will soon have to start her journey for forgiveness…

Followed by:
A discussion on new emerging female identities in film and literature featuring Evening Standard’s journalist Liz Hoggard, A.M. Bakalar, author of a feisty debut novel Madame Mephisto, and cultural theorist, blogger and activist Sophie Mayer and an after party with live music played by 73-year-old Polish cult hero DJ Wika.

FREE  FOR  ALL WOMEN AND WOMEN SPIRITS! Simply collect your ticket at the Riverside Studios box office from 5.30pm on Friday 8 March.

  • Dates:

    08 Friday
  • Time:

  • Director:

  • Cast:

    Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Eryk Lubos, Grazyna Barszczewska
  • Year:

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  • Duration:

    90 mins
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