web- Shameless 6

In this moving story of forbidden love, 18-year-old Tadek finds himself overwhelmed by feelings for his sister, an affection he wants to prove regardless of the consequences. His sister, living in a relationship with the local neo-fascist group leader, feels lost and longs for intimacy and tenderness as much as her brother does. Then, 17-year-old gypsy, Irmina, appears on the scene. She wants to change her destiny and believes that Tadek can help her….

Screened with: In the Bedroom (W SYPIALNI)


  • Dates:

    09 March
  • Time:

  • Director:

  • Cast:

    Agnieszka Grochowska, Mateusz Kosciukiewicz, Anna Próchniak
  • Year:

  • Countries:

  • Duration:

    80 mins
  • Venue:

  • City:


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