This year the Kinoteka Polish Film Festival enters its second decade of UK-wide Polish film extravaganza, which, despite our maturing years, we’re celebrating with a line up as fresh-faced and exciting as ever, including restored Wajda classics, live psychedelic film scores and challenging new works of brave ideas and sexual exploration. 2013 also sees Kinoteka get interactive with film workshops for all ages and a brand new national film competition, not to mention a mouth-watering accompaniment of Polish culinary delights, and much much more.


Read an essay about Polish cinema “Sex in Sox” by best-selling Polish novelist Grażyna Plebanek here!




passionate about film

Roland Chojnacki

Polish Cultural Institute Director

Marlena Łukasiak

Kinoteka Programmer and Producer

Anna Godlewska

Polish Cultural Institute Deputy Director

Screening Coordinator

Karolina Kołodziej

PR Coordinator

Anna Gruszka

Music Coordinator

Paulina Latham

Wojciech Bruszewski Screenings

Film Poster Exhibition and Events Coordinator

Agnieszka Ciepłucha

Frantic Films Competition

and Workshops Coordinator

Magda Raczyńska

Literary Support

Darek Tomaszewski


Brothers Quay

Festival Trailer

Tomasz Opasiński

Poster Design

Luke Gould

Brochure Design

Hex Digital

Website Design

Sarah Wilby

PR: Creative Publicity

Margaret London

PR: Visual Arts, Design & Music


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